Moretti: the policy is alongside the finance to meet the challenges of the global world and create a positive economy»

“The political force to join the financial position in order to meet the challenges of the global world.” These are the words of Mauro Moretti, Managing Director and ceo of Finmeccanica, today in San Patrignano for the Positive Economy Forum. Starting from the discussion of how Finmeccannica unites its production with the peacekeeping activities, Moretti has broached the subject by broadening the horizon of the discussion: “the Romans used to say” you vis pacem, para bellum “and their was a world decidedly smaller than today. Today the difficulties facing a much more globalised world are greater and our company, it is relatively small if we compare it with other global giants. Today we have to bring together cultures, that are very different economicly and religiously. For this we need the politics to be on the side of finance. It is no coincidence that in Germany the State contributes to the cycles of transformation of the important companies.” An action which can only be of long term: «Serves greater cohesion between European States, for two decades our nations do not really have anything in confront of the two global giants. The “small and beautiful” I can understand only if linked to large enterprises and economic innovation. The idea of positive economics to our youth can only pass from the recovery of the intellectual part of our companies. We have to completely change our cultural pattern”.
And talking of the future Finmeccanica also thinks of the young Italians: «industrial basins in which we move, we have relationships with institutes and universities for training internships, where students learn the discipline of work. Unfortunately in Italy we also anarchists in the working world. I truly believe that the positive economy must go through technological innovation, with only long-term projects. Our future is to make high-tech systems of intelligence, remaining at the forefront. It is clear that we can’t stay behind and do the same as the Chinese comunicati lh_15