Minister Giannini: learning is a process, not a product

” Enhance the positives side of higher education, which are competition and cooperation:” with these words the Minister of education, Stefania Giannini, opened her speech at the close of the first day of the Positive Economy Forum of positive economics of San Patrignano. “We must take into account two aspects – continued the Minister: see learning as a process and not a product and focus on long-term education, because teaching needs this kind of perspective”.
“A bonus share of funding must go on quality – continued Giannini – taking into account territorial differences clearly.” The Minister said she was convinced of the importance of the relationship between school and the world of work; “I think it’s a cruciuale element. We must break the idea that before you study and then you work. The companys now demand expertise. Through these, we build a better individual and you create informed citizens”. Regarding digitalisation the schools should support this process. So it has to train teachers, helping them change their point of view. The “digital” school assumes a new relationship with the students and I think it’s ready to do it. Of course, The 32% of schools with the connectivity is a modest statistic and lack of training for teachers is a limit. But we’re home to innovators like don Bosco and don Milani. You have to remember it. “ comunicati lh_15