Minister Galletti in San Patrignano: “A day that will remain in my heart”

Yesterday,t the Italian Minister of the Environment visited the sectors of the community and had lunch with the 1300 residents

An all-round visit to the community, with the desire to know the place, especially its 1300 residents. The Minister for the Environment and for the Protection of the Land and the Sea Gian Luca Galletti spent part of the day visiting San Patrignano, a social reality in Rimini that he never had the chance to know directly.

“It was an exciting day – the Minister said – that will remain in my heart. These people, who have stories of life and opportunities different from ours, impress me with their desire for redemption, the commitment not to fall. This is a great teaching that I will take with me “.

The Minister in the late morning and early afternoon visited the community, noting the quality of the environment in which it is immersed, a fundamental beauty for the recovery of the residents: “The environment – added the minister – is a great gift that we must keep as we received it from our fathers, so that our children can live in a safer planet. He tells us clearly, addressing to believers and non, Pope Francis in his encyclical “Laudato Si ‘”, gave us a strong push to achieve the great global agreements on climate. We need to focus a lot on environmental culture and everywhere we need to focus a lot on energy efficiency, differentiation, recycling and the fight against waste “.

Among the sectors that Galletti visited, in addition to the medical center, also the alimentary ones: “I visited the bakery and the dairy, I saw a very high quality and the attention to the Italian typicality. I am very pleased – concluded the Minister – may the Italian social system also bring these messages “.