In memory of Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi

San Patrignano is close to the family of Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi for their loss. The residents and the wardens of the community remember with great affection not only the chef, but above all the man who, with great curiosity and availability, had approached the reality of Rimini to know it, discover it and support it. He has always done it with the same great love shown for the cuisine, supporting the community in various projects and events related to the food sectors of San Patrignano, starting from that chocolate panettone he supported and encouraged in one of the many Expo events conceived together. Not to mention his contribution also in the craft project concerning the reuse of barriques, when he had chosen to design a door. A mentor that has been close to San Patrignano in these years, helping our residents with great humility and always having a word of encouragement for them, which is why the community will never forget it.