Me and The Goon

Comic books?!
A passion that began almost by accident, that grew from an unfortunate situation.
I was 10 years old and playing with my little sister, in her attempt to imitate me jumping and pirouetting she hurt herself, she had to be taken to hospital. I felt so guilty about the entire ordeal that I felt the blame rested squarely on my shoulders and I begin to cry , I cry so much that I think it’ll never stop.
My uncle sees me suffering and to console me and help me smile again gives me his mythic collection of “Dylan Dog”. They were the first comic books I ever read. I fell in love, in particular it was the drawings that that sparked my imagination.
From that day on the desire to illustrate formed inside and I begin to sketch.
I depict everything, but, above all I dedicate myself to reproducing the comic books that amazed me.
I felt good when I was drawing, I was at peace.
Then my life changes, I begin using and the drugs take rob me of my passions, I know longer draw.
Now I’m back in San Patrignano and the pencil is back in my hand, I’ve begun illustrating again , both to express myself and to improve my skills.
The comic books are always the material which I prefer, in particular those of the artist Eric Powell, an American illustrator and Hirohiko Araki Japanese.
I reproduced one of the characters from the comic book “The Goon”, by Eric Powell, first I designed it in pencil, them traced it in pen and finally colored it.
Other than the pencil in my hand I got back my life, I’ve begun to communicate, to feel and above all express emotion.


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