Making sustainable beauty, L’Oréal meeting at San Patrignano

Focusing on beauty and beautiful sustainability, L’Oréal campaign “Sharing beauty with all”, stops at San Patrignano during these days there will be 20 figure heads from all around Europe and will discuss suitable growing within business practices from research to production.

L’Oréal chose to stop at San Patrignano because of its ethical and constructive synergy that saw the opening of the new Sanpa Hair , which took place on the 26th of February in the community and aim to help the 1300 residents in the recovery program.

At the same time, L’Oréal held a new course in the makeup field for girls at San Patrignano. The advance program in microstage of facial cosmetics continuing from last year, holds the same focus in teaching the girls to take care of yourself through the enhancement of beauty after having a difficult past. The course will take place in 3 hour sessions with different groups, in turns, they will apply makeup and hair styles on each other with the supervision from professionals that will teach the girls, step by step, a professional and conscious use of cosmetic products for personal care, provided by L’Oréal.