Letizia Moratti there's little assistance for children and the elderly in Italy

«The Government must take some time, but the tertiary sector reform is certainly positive, because it introduces the concept of measuring the social impact. However, there are actions that are a step in the right direction and critical points. For example, the fact that it is not indicated the areas in which the company can operate».

Explains Letizia Moratti in the margines of the Positive Economy Forum held in San Patrignano. Among the areas excluded from the register of the third sector – added Moratti- «There are those in the green economy, renewable energy, which already today might represent an opportunity for social enterprise».One of the most obvious problems is the absence of the decrees of the law on microcredit, which Italy had promoted four years ago, first in Europe».

According to the co-founder of the Foundation San Patrignano, “then there’s family policies, unlike other countries like France, we do not give adequate responses, such as the number of crèches and the facilities for families». Moratti has placed the emphasis on the need for a “corporate welfare”. “There is a gap of social assistance which affects children and the elderly,” she added. We need innovative solutions.