KO on drugs

“San Patrignano for many people is a symbolic place for redemption. A place where you fight a difficult battle that can only be won with commitment and sacrifice.” Alberto Brasca, President of the Italian Boxing Federation, has expressed a keen interest on the “KO on drugs”, the first international event dedicated to the residents at the San Patrignano community.

Saturday the 6th of February at 16:00 (By invitation only) the auditorium of San Patrignano has opened its doors for the first time for a boxing event: 9 matches, between amateur and professional boxers, the project presented by the Ring Side Boxing Club. Attending and encouraging this initiative was Stefano Bonaccini – President of the Emilia Romagna region, Andrea Garcia – Mayor of Rimini and Joseph Spinelli – Mayor of Coriano.

Observing from ringside Brasca said “Even in the ring, fighting battles can only be won with great determination and commitment, without expectations and shortcuts. The will to win, the willpower to overcome our limitations and our fears somehow unites us and brings us closer.”
“For our residents it a nice experience, and to experience first hand the commitment that professional and amateur sport men and women put in order to achieve their aim. Explained Antonio Tinelli, Coordinator of the Social Committee of San Patrignano – The greatest moment was to see our Alex up there in the ring.”

Alex Ramirez was a resident here, who had successfully finished the program at San Patrignano. He will return to Sanpa to fight his first match, Alex never abandoned his dream and has become an example and hope for all who find themselves in difficult situation.
“KO on drugs”, was organized by the Ring Side Boxing Club in Rimini with the organizational support of Piero Ottaviani, in collaboration with the San Patrignano community and with the support of region Emilia Romagna, the municipality of Rimini, Emilia Romagna Regional Committee support (F.P.I.) and Lega Pro.

Fight Card:


D’Amato Alex (Ring Side) VS Battaglia Marco (Salus et Virtus)
Signani Matteo (Ring Side) VS Alexander Bojic (Serbia)


Garuffi Gabriele (Ring Side) VS Castellari Erik (Pug. Ita. Boxe Budrio)

Leardini Michela (Ring Side) VS Castagnoli Giorgia (Pug. Tranvieri)

Leoci Adriano (Pug. Tranvieri) VS Marco Bombardi (Ravenna Boxe)

Pagnoni Christian (Audax Fano) VS Melato Marco (Verona Boxing Club)

Bacchiocchi Marco (Audax Fano) VS Migani Luca (Cattolica Boxe)

D’Amato Giuseppe (Catt. Boxe) VS Olomu Nosa (Salus Et Virtus)

Ricci Francesco (Ring Side) VS Alex Ramirez (Verona Boxing Club)


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