Julie and Chris

“C’mon Chris don’t look at me like that, I feel embarrassed.”

“How else could I look at you, but don’t you see how beautiful you are?”

“… coming closer to each other,” Julie murmurs, like a breath of wind that caresses the skin. “Do you know that I dreamt of you last night? Being far away, I was shouting after you and you just smiled and looked at me. I was afraid that you had stopped loving me.”

“Then you see that I’m right when I tell you…Chris, are nuts? How can you even imagine for a second that I can stop loving you?!! I love you…Chris and I would not be here now if I didn’t.”

“What’s the point!? It wouldn’t help at all”

Now it’s me who has come even a few centimeters closer to me. Lowered my head with half-closed eyes and held my breath for a second. Before placing my forehead on that of Chris’s. I inhale and exhale while he kept his eyes half-closed. Chris looks at me, a simple face, clear skin, messed up hair and my thin, pink and soft mouth.

Then my stomach starts to turn upside-down and all of a sudden his eyes start moistening and that’s the moment where he understands that he can never love someone more.

“Can I say something?“ Chris grazed his cheek on mine and touched my ear with the tip of his nose, which continues to caress me even when I replied. “No. Don’t say anything,” I stared straight into his narrowed eyes, he slides one hand behind my neck and the other gripping the edge of shirt and pulling it up. This attraction is a thousand times stronger than the most powerful magnet. Lips resigned, defeated and helpless under the weight of an immortal passion that instantly melts, one against another.

A kiss for me is not only a kiss. You feel the world slipping away, feeling warm and that cozy silence that is sucked in by his body. Kiss for Chris is not only kiss. He slips his fingers through my silkily soft golden hair. The smell of intense love… Understanding that I will never be alone and that dreams sometimes take shape and form.

I try to escape form that wonderful golden cage that prevents me from thinking.

“Please let me go now. I can’t stand the idea of not seeing you anymore, its like…” but Chris doesn’t give you enough time to finish that sentence, because now he is surrounded with this feeling and starts kissing her again. Trying to resist that embrace, but it was impossible. Enchanted and mortified by the feeling that he gives her, Julie flies with the wings of reflection to forget that kiss, that will be there forever, our last kiss.

“…and now what do you want to tell me?” As I was struggling with this decision “ Would you not want to know or meet another girl and the thought that you’re not coming back to Boston anymore? Even if that community is only two hours by aeroplane it’s a thousand light years away for me basically I am happy. I am happy because I could forgive a betrayal rather than closing my eyes now. I love forgiveness.”

Chris looks in her eyes, in a way that he has never before “San Patrignano is not that far, my love …I will put every effort so we can be together again.”

Kissing you again “… I won’t give up”.