It starts tomorrow, San Patrignano’s first event outside EXPO. This years products will be presented at Tutto Food 2015.

A few days after the official opening of the EXPO, there will be an opportunity to talk about a subject ‘reflections on the evolution of food’ by connecting it with contemporary lifestyles.

“The recipe for a collaborative life. A model using supply chain, involvement and a sharing economy. “, is the title of the meeting, which will be attended by Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the Foundation San Patrignano, Diana Bracco, Chairman EXPO, Piero Patel, agribusiness manager of San Patrignano, Richard China, director strategic relations for Bioversity, Stefano Arduini, editor in chief of Vita and Marta Mainieri, digital marketing consultant and expert in a sharing economy.

With this series of encounters San Patrignano intends to give its contribution to the EXPO by offering opportunities for the discussion and debate, of ideas, lifestyles and educational experiences.

In parallel, the community will be at the TuttoFood fair until may 6th with a selection of the unique products born within the community, where quality and hardwork are te foundations for rediscovering the wonderful goods of a time past. Wine, oil, cheese, preserves, coldcuts and bakery sweets obtained by the recovery of ancient recipes and processing methods refined to offer new opportunities for growth to the many residents of San Patrignano finding themselves, even through a passion for a profession tied to food.

To see photos of the event click here in_evidenza comunicati