Investing in Solidarity

’Investing in solidarity’ means more than giving a simple donation. Buying shares of San Patrignano is a symbolic act, in which you walk side by side with the young men and women of San Patrignano on their path to recovery, as they work each day to regain their dignity and their lives.

Buying one or more shares means providing a contribution of vital importance, year after year, to San Patrignano’s mission. They have no economic or financial value, but have a deeper significance. Through them, you join us in our commitment to the lives of the young men and women who, day by day regain their dignity and leave addiction behind.

Each share has a value of €50.00. Each shareholder–contributer is entitled to several benefits, including visits to the community, participation in the annual shareholders’ meeting and a subscription to the community newsletter, which contains updates on all of our current projects.

With the purchse of 5 shares
Free subscription to “Giornale San Patrignano”, our monthly magazine.

With the purchase of 10 shares
In addition to the above, you will receive invitations to all events held by the community.

Projects 2007

Each year San Patrignano receives 300 requests from young people who have lived in conditions of social exclusion, addiction and suffering. One of the most delicate moments in their lives is the one where they enter into a rehabilitative structure. This is the time when a relationship begins to grow between the new resident and those who will be closest to him; a time to build the trust and mutual esteem essential to the effectiveness of the program.

This is especially true in cases when the young people are admitted directly from prison, an environment which is antithetical to the communitarian living situation. For them it is important to have time to reflect, to become determined to change, to gain strength so that their own weaknesses and shortcomings don’t have a negative impact on those already living in the community.

This first essential need must be met in a specific setting for a significant amount of time, where those arriving from correctional facilities can first experience a common living situation and begin working on themselves with people who have already experienced what they are going through.

The “open door” project aims to build, in an area adjacent to the Rimini branch of San Patrignano, a residential structure founded on the above principles that can house 30 young men at a time.

Projects 2006

96 answers

San Patrignano is a large home for a numerous family. It has grown exponentially since its founding and is currently the size of a small town, home to 1800 people.

To better our services and permit us to admit an even larger number of people in need, we need to build a further 96 new housing units.

The project includes the restructuring of an older building where twelve large bedrooms will be built for a total of 96 spaces. With an increased capacity to welcome new members into our community, we are able to give more young people a chance to rebuild their own future.

Projects 2005

Giving them room to grow

Children need space to develop a personal identity, to learn to get to know themselves and others, to explore their world. The community offers many learning opportunities to the more than 120 children of those who are working to rebuild their lives at San Patrignano. The majority of these children come from difficult situations, including separation from their family of origin. These circumstances have a negative influence on their emotional growth, and may make it hard for them to establish relationships – especially in their school environment. Upon their arrival at San Patrignano, they immediately become members of the family, and take part in many recreational, sporting and educational activities.

San Patrignano has founded not only a day care centre, but a kindergarten and an after-school centre as well, all with ample space for growing kids. The Sanpa Junior project aims to unite all of the activities aimed at children under one roof, in a large, circular house surrounded by foliage. All age groups will have spaces ideally suited to them in which to study and play, including school rooms, a multi-media centre, a small theatre, a multipurpose gymnasium and a large garden. A team of professionals, composed of educators hired by the community, psychologists and specialists in the field of psychomotor therapy evaluates the needs of each child. The relationship of the child with his parents as viable, responsible role models is also taken into consideration.

Projects 2004

Medicine from the Heart

San Patrignano’s medical centre combines the latest advances in medicine with the care and support which can only be provided in a family environment. The centre, built in 1994 in order to accommodate an ever-increasing number of HIV patients, was funded by the community with the help of the Italian Ministry of Health.

The centre consists of various doctor’s offices which cater to the needs of all those who live and work at San Patrignano. In addition, there are fifty beds available for those afflicted with illnesses related to drug abuse. All costs not covered by the National Health Service are paid by the community. One of this year’s objectives is to cover all costs relative to our medical and dental services, including our odonto-stomatological laboratories.

Projects 2003

25 years of Life

In honour of San Patrignano’s 25th anniversary, our focus will be on the betterment of twoservices which we offer: the after-school program and the medical centre. 100 school-age children attend San Patrignano’s after school centre, where they can count on qualified individuals who help them in their studies. This service is provided in order that parents may follow their recovery program uninterrupted. Free time is used to build a relationship between the child and his parents, something that often is missing.

Drug addiction can often create lasting health problems which neccesitate the services of prosthodontists, X-ray technicians, psychiatrists and hepatologists. Your help assures that all the young men and women at San Patrignano are provided with adequate health care without imposing a financial burden on either their families or the state.

Projects 2002

San Patrignano belongs to everyone

There are sixty single-family homes available for those who finish their therapeutic program and wish to continue their stay, as well as for those families which have been reunited at San Patrignano. Our objective is to redecorate the existing homes and create new ones by 2004.