The humor of John Peter Sloan captured at San Patrignano

Light and entertaining the show taking place on the Saturday 14th of March at San Patrignano, watching John Peter Sloan on stage, the founder of the theatrical teaching of English in Italy. Sloan performed in a cabaret, posing monologues, which amused the whole community for over an hour, joking on the subject of the Italian language and their customs compared to English ones. At the end of the show, the comedian invited on stage some children from the audience to teach the pronunciation of some English words, with great clamor from the crowd, enthusiastic about the afternoon fun and unusual with English humor even Sloan was impressed by the encounter with reality of a community: “You must be proud of San Patrignano, its an Italian victory. There is really no place like this anywhere in the world.– said Sloan, after this morning I visited the community and talking with the guys I felt so understood and I was able to open up totally with them.” John Peter Sloan Schools have been cooperating for two years with San Patrignano, with sponsoring courses in English. Sloan said he was excited about it and said he wanted to improve his relationship which he has already with San Patrignano: “ I Septemeber I will spend a month here to give life to a project that I hope will be the beginning of a broader collaboration. I also plan to involve many residents in the program, native English speakers, who don’t want to leave Italy. I would give them a chance to work with me, training them as teachers according to the method I have devised.”