The hugs of San Patrignano


Support with a hug, the campaign of San Patrignano “For our children”

The embrace is the symbol of San Patrignano.

Inside a hug…you can stop, you can smile, feel new again.

Today more than ever, the hug is for us a way to meet and renew one of the most important relationships in our lives, that between parents and children.

San Patrignano for many residents is a second family, for parents however, is often a way to re-establish a relationship with their children.

For this reason we ask the photo or video of your embrace: parent-children to be posted on your Facebook page in support of the SMS solidarity campaign.

The challenge we want to start with you is to flood the network with new hugs, yours and that of your children.

Help us send a positive message to all.

Take a photo or video in which you embrace your children or parents, and post it on your FB profile tagging @comunitasanpatrignano and #perinostrifigli and at least tell two friends to do the same.