Running and Sharing

Running and Sharing

Asphalt, sweat, strain and the sound of steps one after another. As for the San Patrignano running team it is a measure of yourself and much more. The rejuvenation of the body and mind and between the two find a new harmony, become a group where there are expectations, encouragement and where no one runs alone. It’s the thrill of going out into the world, proving that a problem with dependence can be defeated.

Help us reach our new goal: taking the San Patrignano team running to the London Marathon on April 24th, 2016. Thanks to your contribution we will be able to cover the costs necessarily incurred; from the entry fees to the trip for eight residents of the Community to the UK capital.

The members of our running team, conceived for spreading the message ‘liberty from addiction’, are Emanuele, Carlo, Claudio, Dylan, Giordano, Alessandro, Alex e Marco.
Everyone at San Patrignano has decided to make a change, leaving behind a life of addiction and poverty. Rediscovering oneself with humility, through relationships with others, with hard work and dedication.

With an online donation, fast and easy, you can participate with us in this new great challenge.

The Team