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Pursuing a continuous search for opportunities to offer to their residents, San Patrignano has within the Community numerous projects in various areas of activity.

Many initiatives are aimed at psychophysical rebalancing of its residents, through recreational activities such as sports or theater. Other initiatives should seek instead to their professional growth.

There are also several projects that aim to modernize the structures of the Community, so as to be able to welcome the residents in areas well equipped and pleasant to begin a journey of personal rebirth.

Where the future takes root

Klorane in support of the recovery community: an olive tree for life. An ethical project of rebirth and sustainability. A commitment done together for others and for nature. Has a duration of four yea... Continue reading


Wefree is the prevention project of the San Patrignano community. At the heart of this project are the stories from the guys and girls within the community, stories of real people who are willing t... Continue reading

Parenting Program

New research in favor for the children of SanPa. The Parenting Program is formed by highly qualified educators who work specifically in the field of abuse (physical abuse and/or psychological). ... Continue reading