Supporting us

 Support us with the “5 per mille” initiative

When you present your tax return, remember to fill in the box: “Support for non-profit organizations of social utility …” Write the Fiscal Code 91030420409 and signature. With no added cost, you can help San Patrignano in the renovation and expansion of two smaller centers. Facilities that host underage, so that they can regain their lost levity of youth. With one small gesture you can do your part. 5×1000 There is no additional levy because the “5 per 1000” is deducted from your impost payment anyway. It is not a withdrawal as an alternative to “8 per 1000”. Anyone can allocate the “5 × 1000” initiative even those who did not fill out their tax return, as those who only have the model CUD supplied by their employer or by the business entity paying your pension. It will simply require taking the card from the employer or agency paying your pension and deliver it (compiled and in a sealed envelope) to a post office, a bank counter, that offers free of charge services or at an authorized intermediary for electronic filing (CAF, accountants, etc.) The envelope must be written DESTINAZIONE CINQUE PER MILLE income tax and enter your full name and social security number of the taxpayer.

Organize an event in San Patrignano

Support us with one of the initiatives of San Patrignano A dinner, a show, a sports tournament, an exhibition, a birthday party. There are many initiatives that you can organize to promote fundraising for San Patrignano. Your help can be really valuable, so that there’s a further awareness of the community’s projects, resulting to a greater support to the activities. To present your initiative, please write to  You will be contacted by our fundraising office to assess the viability of your project.

Sanpa and Tod’s Group for a new collection of bags

At the Rinascente luxury store in Milan, we presented the project of vocational training for women and men of the community. With a new collection of bags and small leather goods, made entirely from the San Patrignano community under the wise guidance of the Tod’s Group. This new exciting project has involved residents that made leather goods, developing a completely new line of handbags; pochettes; wallets and credit cards. This project has reinforced the importance of vocational training, and is carried out by the residents of San Patrignano. Thus putting into practice what they learned from the work of technicians and craft workers of the Tod’s Group. Transferring to the community the necessary know-how to the realization of prototypes. “A tremendous opportunity for our residents. – Explains Clara Poli, head of the community leather workshop. – By reading in their eyes the passion, the enthusiasm and see how hard they have carried out the collection. This is a proof of their desire to compete. So choosing a profession in a process of renewal can make them passionate as nothing had succeeded so far. “To support this partnership, the Group Tod’s, is continuing the path that turns its attention to initiatives of solidarity, following with passion and conviction all stages of project development. How to buy the bags: The products will also be sold through e-commerce sites and and at some outlets of Tod’s Group. The revenue of this initiative will be used for the realization and financing of their projects. This represents an important training tool and incentive for young people of San Patrignano. The Tod’s Group has followed with passion and pride this project, donating leathers and raw materials necessary to the implementation of the collection and, in view of the training materials, supported by the stylistic point of view the definition of models and prototyping of the same, allowing the use of our design office. The importance of training has been strengthened by the work of the technicians who have the know-how transferred to the community. “A tremendous opportunity for our residents – explains Clara Poli, head of the community leather workshop – you can read in their eyes the passion, enthusiasm and see how hard they have carried out the collection, being the demonstration of their desire to compete, choosing a profession in a process of renewal that passionate them as nothing had succeeded so far. “The future of the project includes a further development, for the commercialization of this collection through a luxury group Tod’s boutique The Luxer and through site. Information Tod’s Group: The Tod’s Group has always paid attention to initiatives of solidarity, dedicated since 2012, giving 1% of net profit, to support organizations working to support young people. The goal is to make the totally autonomous community in project management (from procurement to production to marketing), with the constant support of the Tod’s group.

Where the future takes root

Klorane in support of the recovery community: an olive tree for life. An ethical project of rebirth and sustainability. A commitment done together for others and for nature. Has a duration of four years “An olive tree for life”, the initiative launched in 2015 which, for the first time sees Klorane and San Patrignano together. With the new project “An olive tree for life” Klorane Italy donates to San Patrignano 1000 new plants for olive oil. Being an historic cultivation of the hilly territory in which the Community is located. It is expected, over four years, the construction of approximately 3 hectares of new plants, recovering surfaces now uncultivated, already destined to form meadows and pastures, and confining portions of unused land. Link site an olive tree for life. The evolutions of the project will be narrated in the blog that publishes monthly words, pictures, images and video contributions.


One day in San Patrignano: Spend a day in community with the residents of San Patrignano. It’s a way to learn about a unique reality in Italy and in the world, an opportunity to discover a place that has made and makes history of social counseling, fighting addiction. The many activities help residents to make group and to cement the relationships among those with whom they will share an experience that will remain engrained in their memories for a long time. Being guided through the training sectors, by the very residents who live the community every day, through which their rebirth in San Patrignano occurs, it is to them home and family. They will let you breathe the climate and the warmth of the place, introducing their fields and allowing to touch the soul and the heart of San Patrignano. Welcomed and introduced in a very special place, within a recovery community that extends over 300 Hectares, hosting 1,300 residents by giving them the opportunity to train in over 50 different areas of work. You can visit various sectors, from the food chain to those involved in craftwork where residents learn trades that are disappearing, to the large laundry or to special structures such as the study center, the medical center and the underage center. The palate of the guests will have its moments of pleasure. In the large hall where will have lunch together with the whole community you can also enjoy food and wine of San Patrignano, cheese, salami, bread, wine. All of this for you to make a personal experience that is very engaging in order to discover true values decisive for private life and in profession. * Next dates available: Saturday, March 18, 2017 Saturday, April 29, 2017 Saturday, May 13, 2017 Saturday, June 3, 2017 Saturday, July 1, 2017

* The day will be confirmed to achieve the minimum number of participants. For info and reservations: Toll-free number 800 894575  Contribution** € 50 / over 14 years € 25/5 – 14 years 0 – 4 free  ** The contribution is requested in the form of donation. Individuals and companies can take advantage of tax benefits provided in favor of non-profit organization.


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