SanpaNews – voice of growth

Inside you will find stories of young adults rediscovering the taste for life. They themselves will tell their stories about the Community which has the capability of being an example for the whole world in the field of recovery, training and prevention. The magazine will allow you to enter the sectors of San Patrignano, as well as let you sense the emotions that we experience everyday.

A magazine that gives you the insights and views of students, teachers and principals with it’s columns dedicated to prevention, they will be the ones to have the chance to be interviewed, both within the community and across Italy. A magazine that will become more of a guide for families in terms of education on addiction and dependency.

A magazine that you will receive in hard copy or in the new digital version monthly, with 12 issues per year.

How to get the magazine:

To get the magazine simply make a donation of € 7.00 per month or one payment of € 80.00 for 12 issues. You will be contacted by the call center of San Patrignano that will explain how to get your magazine.

For info +39 0541.362247 or


Your donation, The entire amount paid in San Patrignano can enjoy the tax benefits provided for by current regulations for donations to Onlus (NPO).

Can be deducted or subtracted.