The heroin problem in Italy is growing…

320 thousand teenagers in Italy have used heroin in the year 2015 alone.


Its scary data that emerged from the study undertook by ESPAD Italian Institute of Clinical Physiology of the CNR of Pisa, which underlines the strong return of heroin, especially among the youth. According to this survey, which involved 30 thousand students between the age of 15 and 19. Resulting that in a whole about 650 thousand young people who had used drugs, just under half took heroin either smoking it or by injection.


Of these, at least 5,000 are males at the age of 15 (about 2%) that have used heroin; among them it’s the most popular drug after cannabis. While it is true that inhaling is favored as the first approach to this drug, it is equally true that fewer than 3,000 of these young people have come to use it by injection. This emphasizes the decrease in the perception of the risk of contracting AIDS.


On top of this Heroin tragedy there’s also the problem of poly drug consumption where teenagers are increasingly using many substances simultaneously. If heroin is growing, that signifies the decrease in cocaine users being at 430 thousand, stimulants and hallucinogens users are at 155 thousand and 120 thousand, respectively. Among the 15-year-old males, 3 out of 4 have used cannabis, while 2 of 3 have used other substances, including cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and/or stimulants.


Another importance is the placement on the market and use of synthetic cannabis by 62%, and painkillers at 57% which are used by about 80 thousand students to get high. Lastly it is important to emphasize the use of smart drugs, the so-called clever drugs, which are always at the limit between legality and illegality, which can be found quickly and easily on the web sold as bath salts or syrups.