Help Sanpa by way of the New York Marathon


An initiative of crowdfunding to which everyone can contribute, even if only with a small gesture: just connect to Crowdrise, the charity platform directly linked to the competition, and donate with a click. And if you’re a runner who will run in New York, you can become a fundraiser for Sanpa and through the platform of Crowdrise You can activate your fundraising, as they are already making friends James Ferragamo, Andrea Piedimonte Bodini e Claudio Masini.

Crowdfunding is a collaborative process, a practice of micro financing that starts from the bottom, with the aim to mobilize and involve as many people as possible, towards the achievement of a shared goal. Fundraising on Crowdrise during the NYC Marathon, on the 1° novembre will also be group of runners from San Patrignano, to help the community to pursue numerous projects in various fields, from sports to theatre, from training to professional development, by upgrading and creating new and nice spaces for the residents on their path to personal recovery.

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