Hanifa Mezoui: our goal is to build on our capacities

“I am participating in this important Forum as a representative of the UOAC, the Alliance of civilizations which is part of the UN. The High Representative, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, who unfortunately could not be present, he asked me to represent him. The Uoac was born in 2005, thanks to the insistance of Spain and Turkey to counter, at a planetary level, intolerance and extremism. At this historic time when the wars seem to take over and the peace processes are increasingly problematic, our role is that of “preventive diplomacy” . Our agency will promote dialogue and full employment, promoting the empowerment of young people who account for 1.8 billion people in the world. Our goal is not to leave anyone behind and build peace by developing a new partnership at the global level.

Ask young thing? First education, then education for all. Then, a full and productive employment, environmental safety and a healthy life and the ability for all access to new technologies. 73 million are young people worldwide looking for a job. It is necessary that they be actors in a sustainable development. We must focus on capacity building, i.e. the possibility to build on ones capacity. For this I am very happy to be here, at San Patrignano. It is a place where there is a strong focus on education and the ability to develop skills. Also, I find it very important to be able to achieve economic self-sufficiency. I think you are examples of our future, as has been recognized by the United Nations in 1997, providing to the community non-governmental Organization status in the economic and Social Committee. The Treasury, in our view, lies in the diversity and the ability to drive. “

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