For an educated fun

Going on a holiday to have fun with friends, to then end up in hospital. What happened to the boy from the Italian region of Piedmont, who is luckily out of danger;

this has saddened but no surprised us. Yet he’s another victim of a generation, which is unaware that fun can be done without transgression.

They come to the Italian seaside region of Romagna, being the ultimate fun zone of Italy, considering their own lives in the most incorrect way possible,

having in mind excess as only limit, reducing the Riviera’s real value. Young people who go to the concert of a famous dj only after being full of alcohol and substances,

as if staying with friends and participating to an event, isn’t already enough for them to consider their evening wonderful.

In the community unfortunately, we noticed that the age of first contact to substances, has critically fallen ever more increasingly,

with the entrance of 32 minors just in 2016 and with a growing multiple-consumption among boys, 87% of those youngster,

give no notice to which kind of substance they have ingested, convinced that in each of those lies the secret to happiness.

The problem is that those kids are our sons, a generation that has grown in a society where everything is now considered normal,

where everything is granted in the name of a boundless freedom, where you cannot have fun if you do not go beyond the limit.

Since long ago, we are supporting prevention, emphasizing on its importance, but perhaps the most correct term today should be education.

Educating how to have fun, educating how to be soberly together, educating on how to live properly, this collides with the respect to oneself and others.

We try to do this, when talking about healthy fun, to our residents and to many young people we meet.

But that’s not enough. We need allies. And we need to have families, schools and the civic society alongside us to help young people today.

To make them understand that often, limits have been placed so that one can appreciate life.