Finally reborn

I go to middle school
I’m not in my element
My classmates tease me because of my height, my mom is always stressing me out.
On Saturday evening I can’t go out, because on Sunday I have cycling races, I was even contacted by a very strong team.
My parents didn’t send me though because I would have to move and I was too young! This for me is a tremendous disappointment.
I said enough.
I abandon my greatest passion.
Suddenly my old friends start to treat me as one of the losers and I try to create friendships with older kids, the rejects, the ones that everyone respected, those who were the ‘cool kids’ of the school.
They already smoked, and I wanted to be just like them.
So I started to do things that they did.
I remember when I smoked my first joint. It was at the prom, I was with Ivan, Valentino and Marco.
He was already sixteen years old, had been flunked a few times and he brought a little weed. We went into the courtyard to smoke it.
Sincerely I don’t remember the effect, but I remember well that from that this moment on I become one of them – Now, in my head, I was officially one of the cool kids too. From that moment on I didn’t stop.
Fortunately now I can tell you all this because one day, after many years of a totally unregulated life, after felt like a failure, after I lost everything, after my friends left, after my sister stopped speaking to me, after I was left completely alone, and thanks to the help of my mother, I came here to San Patrignano.
From that day on my life truly became LIFE.