Employee welfare and scientific research at the base to increase productivity

In the two days of the Positive Economy Forum at San Patrignano on April 9th and 10th has also spoken of positive business models with Alexandre Jost, founder of “la Fabrique Spinoza” and Alberto Frausin, ceo of Carlsberg Italy. The problem faced in this panel was the of the difficulty of reconciling the social aspect promoted in this forum with that of the fundamental economic result. According to the experience of Alexander Jost the two things are a consequence one of the other: “Fabrique Spinoza deals with promoting the spread of a healthy working conditions for workers within companies, which according to his research is not only essential for a humans well being, but also provides an excellent increase productivity. “I have always been about the issue of wellbeing with a scientific approach, demonstrating that a person’s performance under stress are ess effective. On the contrary, wellness in a worker has also many positive effects over time, increase the efficiency, good health, creativity, mobilization and cooperation”.
The story of the positive economics of Carlsberg began instead 140 years ago: “In 2008 I took control of Carlsberg in a very difficult time for the company, when the economic crisis was starting. Looking for ideas to improve the fate of the two plants with its 1400 employees so I went to study the philosophy of the founder: I discovered that not only did he always put quality ahead of immediate profit, but earnings are divided from the Foundation between scientific research and culture. The deep economic troubles of Carlsberg have given us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, boldly focusing on eco-sustainability at all the phases of production, from the seed of draught beer to product distribution. For example, we now produce the drums in PET, a lightweight material which reduces by 1/3 the load and fuel consumption in the transport phase, and is also recyclable”.
The panel concluded with a reflection on the long-term profit, which is frequently implicated in the social choices of an enterprise. comunicati lh_15