The emotion of Francesco Povero at San Patrignano

We would not have experienced this feeling even in the most important theaters around Italy.
The thunderous applause of 1300 guys and girls of San Patrignano, were broken by the words of Angelo, one of the residents of community and a member of the theater company.
The auditorium was full to capacity.
Suddenly the lights dimmed, medieval music started and everyone was transported back to another time, to another atmosphere.

The show ” Francesco Povero ” that took place yesterday, was not like any other show seen before, the actors have never depicted a story of a saint like this before.

Mirco one of the Sanpa Singers was quoted saying, “We were able to represent a person’s life, where he shared hardships and difficulties of day to day life, it was a great achievement for everyone involved.”
In the life of one man, who was stripped of everything, of his worldliness and its certainties. Everyone was emotionally involved.
George whom has been with the threatre group for more than two years was quoted saying “Not even at the debut show which took place at the Piccolo threatre in Milan on 10 and 11 September 2015, I was concerned. Here we all know each other’s limits and boundaries which is inevitable when combined with strong emotion.”

The theater company together the Sanpa Singer are now preparing to face another important test, bringing the play to the “Teatro Cucinelli” Solomeo (pg) on the 7th of December 2015, the homeland of St. Francesco. The play was created and written by Peter Conversano in 1996, the inspiration of his teacher Orazio Costa.

Ironically, Angelo greets the audience with a phrase that makes us fully comprehend the feelings he experienced yesterday: “There are many fears, many anxieties because tomorrow we will all see each other at breakfast.”

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