“A dog at school": Four paws from San Patrignano at Ravenna for teaching responsibility”.

“A dog at school”: Four paws from San Patrignano at Ravenna for teaching responsibility”.

New cycle of prevention project supported by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio
Having a dog for a friend means to establish a relationship of trust, responsibility, care and selfless love.

Universal values that the new prevention project WeFree “A dog at school”, promoted by the San Patrignano Community as part of “Free School” supported by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, to promote responsibility among students.

For the first time in Emilia-Romagna, in three schools of Ravenna, dogs and dog educators of San Patrignano come together to carry out activities and to enjoy an unique experience with children along with their four-paws friends.

The project is curated by Andrea Tarquini, who is a specialist dog educator and lover, along with two dog professionals from the Community and together with two brilliant breeds “teachers”: the mestizo Snow and Chelsea labrador, two beautiful and highly intelligent dogs breed in Sanpa and already active in the pet therapy business – therapy which is aimed at children, the sick and the handicapped.

Saturday, December 5 all’ITAS Perdisa (via 5 Agriculture in Ravenna) will kick off a new cycle of five meetings of “A dog at school” program.

Successfully activities have already taken place at middle schools and ITC Ginanni Montanari of Ravenna, where the classes took place and followed by a show on drug prevention and the difficulties faced by todays youth.

“The project ‘A dog at school’ takes its cue from the experience gained over the years from our kennel and pet therapy project ‘Life Dogs’ – explained by Gianni Fornari, manager of the kennels of San Patrignano and national professional association director of dog educators and lovers.

The aim is to work on two complementary aspects of responsibility: operational -I have to answer for the consequences of what I do or do not do, and care – which means someone else depends on me.

With this project we intend to transmit positive behaviors to students: take charge of a specific task, take responsibilities when working with a team, allocate some time to certain activities and check the feedback for their own actions “.

Backed by Ania Foundation and QN, WeFree since 2002 it has developed its own theater format for prevention with almost 500 performances involving almost 300 thousand young people and met more than 50 thousand students in meetings and debates at more than 1,700 schools; as well as nearly 8 thousand students visiting San Patrignano each year.

All activities are built around the direct testimony of children who have experienced the problem of drug addiction and they were able get out thanks to the path of recovery in the Community.