Alcoholics Anonymous The members of A.A participate in spontaneous and free meetings, to treats themselves: to be a part of A.A does not cost a thing. The only requirment for membership is the desire to stop drinking. One of the founding priciples of the association is anonymity. A member, if they desire to, does not have to reveal his or her true identity they may use a fictitious one, but must above all refrain from identifying other members,or their personal stories to the regular public.
Centralino Telefonico: 06 – 6636620 (a friendly voice at your disposal)
Alcolisti Anonimi, Servizi Generali Italiani
Via Di Torre Rossa, 35/B
Tel. 066636629 – Fax 066628334
Web site:
AICAT Associazione Italiana Club degli Alcolisti in Trattamento(the association of Italian clubs for alcoholics in treatment)
L’AICAT represemts all the clubs in Italy, which in turn are part of the reginal associations, and where these are lacking, there is provincial. In reality the association is founded on the principles of self and mutual help, translated into commitments and activities based on Hudolin methodology.
Secretary AICAT: piazza de Marini 3/75, 16123, Genova
Tel. 010-2469341 (morning 09.30/12.30) – Fax 010-2469348 (always connected)
Web site: