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Drugs: Types, Characteristics, Effects and Collateral Effects

In this section of the web site you are able to obtain information on “drugs”, their classification, their effects, etc, etc. A complete glossary on the problems related to drug addiction.

The pages have been written in a language easy to read and understand, accessable to everyone. However not wanting to fall into “juvenile” excess, we keep the tone low, objective and free of parentalisms and idealogies

Navigating the pages is done via a scale: the introductory pages will have an “identity card” of the various substances. For only a superficial knowledge of the subject it may be sufficient to stop here. If you would like to deepen your knowledge you could use the navigation bar.

In any case, if the material is to difficult and/or you require further clarification, let us know your questions, requests, curiosities, using the contact page.

For more comprehensive information on the effects of drug abuse, you can go to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse and Addiction).


Identity card Catagory: Depressant Active Compounds The term "cannabis" includes all the substances psychoactive that are obtained from the cannabis sativa, or better, by the female inflorescence of this plant. This term contains about 60 active c...
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Identification Card Category: Stimulant Named after the plant from which it is derived the cocaine hydrochloride (cocaine HCL, the hydrochloride salt of cocaine), is sold illegally in different degrees of purity and which may also appear on...
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Identity card Category: stimulante/hallucinogen "Ecstasy"s the street name methylenedioxymethamphetamine. In recent years this substance has become extremely popular, so popular infact as to increase the number of users to the tens of mill...
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Claviceps purpurea della segale Sono funghi che crescono sulla segale o altre graminacee e dai quali si ottiene, per sintesi chimica, la dietilammide dell'acido lisergico, meglio nota come LSD. E' costituita da una polvere bianca ma che viene trasf...
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Heroin and Opiates

Identity card Catagory: Narcotic/Depressant Opium Raw opium is the dried latex that is extracted from the capsule of the seeds of the Papaver Somniferum or Papaver Setigerum. Principle Agents The principle alcaloid contained within the drie...
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Identity card Catagory: Narcitic/depressant What is it? It is a synthetic heroin substitute and has comparable analgesic properties of heroin. Pharmaceuticle forms Its available in oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular and rectal forms. ...
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Identity card Catagory: Depressant What is the abuse of solvents Means the repeated and deliberate inhalation of solvent vapours in order to reach intoxication. Unlike other drugs solvents are easily available and affordable , freely and la...
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Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics When an individual assumes a substance it influences them, but at the same time they also influence the substance. The duration and the type of effect of a drug, pharmacodynamics, is related to the change of its...
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Identity card Categary: Stimulants What are they? Amphetamines are sustances obtained by the chemical sythesis of phenylethylamine. In other terms they are "designer drugs". The normal forms of this drug found on the black market are table...
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Short glossary on Drugs and Drug Addiction Drug Any substance or compound that can change one or more homeostatic functions of a living system or organism. Psychoactive or psychotropic substances Substances that alter, in some way, the indivi...
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