Association San Patrignano – Spalato

The association was founded in 1999 by the parents of some children that were in San Patrignano, with the aim to help other troubled youths to enter the recuperation program of the community. From then until now we have helped many families and prepared and sent hundreds of kids to San Patrignano. We are now a well known association in the area and we work with other antidrug programs in the region.

Meetings with the Candidates
We have meetings with the hopeful candidates of San Patrignano. Using this occasion to let them know what it means to live in community, what they need to expectand above all we try to understand if the person is sufficiently motivated and focused. From this point on we follow the kids through every step of the community, from entrance to their return home

Meeting with the families
During the recuperation of their child in the community, the parents participate in meetings at the association where we provide support both practical and psychological

Parents association of San Patrignano Spalato
Udruga San Patrignano Split / Associazione San Patrignano Spalato
Doverska 35, 21000 Split, Hrvatska / Doverska 35, 21000 Spalato, Croazia
Tel /fax: 00385 21 386 004
Sinisa Panic 00385 99 22 555 22