The Associations

A Supportive Network

Over the year’s, thanks to thousands of families and ex-addicts who have finished their program, there has been developed a national and international network of voluntary associations against addiction, which operate under the guidance of San Patrignano. They have three important tasks to fulfill: form a sound foundation, counseling and motivation for those people intending to undertake the recuperation program; follow and facilitate the reinsertion of those who have successfully, both socially and economically; transmit, through initiatives of prevention and information, knowledge and awareness of the drug phenomenon. Another essential role of the associations is to involve the families in the healing process explaining the educational program their loved ones are undertaking, following accurately the evolution and objectives of the course, via weekly meetings, to help develop recreate family relationships with an eye to reinsertion into society. To also involve in activities, voluntarily, the family members of those within the community. Apart from a symbolic association, we do not require the families to contribute anything.

Our Identity

For us, no addict is diseased or incurable, destined to live in that condition until death.We see them as a unique individual, full of ability and potential who needs to rediscover and understand how to express themselves. Becouse of this, when the moment comes that they ask for help, we are not concerned with the harm they’ve done to themseves or others as a result of their condition, we see the good they could still achieve. It is not the reverence for their mistakes that compels us to love them, but their ability to fascinate and impassion us. The beauty and mystery of their sensitivity and talent, is hidden by fear, pain and loliness.