"Developing our land and fields." Speaking today at the Rimini Convention Centre is Mayor Gnassi of Rimini. Staring today’s discussion at the Positive Economy Forum dedicated to positive tourism

“Tourism is increasingly regarded as an industry to invest in – began the Mayor of Rimini Andrea Gnassi – Italy is regarded as one of the top holiday destinations by travellers, but then again in Europe we are in 6th & 7th place when arriving to travelers final choice. This is because we must renew ourselves; renewing transport, focusing on car sharing and focus on new ideas.

We have landscaped fields of art among the best in the world, but then find themselves in degraded urban environments. It is precisely to address these problems that we’re reviewing so many things in this city, beginning from the sewer, enhancement of the squares (piazza) Malatesta, to the teatro Galli and organizing more events. If a city is prettier for its citizens is also popular for tourists “. City that they must have to support an architecture as “adapted and designed according to the urban context”, as pointed out by the architect Eduard Mijic, “looking more and more at the best possible bond between green and space”.

The tourism economy needs to be aware that “travelling means increasing the exposure on cultural differences and difficulties”, as explained by writer Corrado Ruggieri “assuring that the journey makes it more helpful to become accustomed to diversity.” Although, tourism cannot close its eyes to the problems of different countries, according to Maurizio Davolio, President of the Italian association for responsible tourism: “you can’t pretend that nothing happened in Egypt faced the disappearance of Giulio Regeni. We have suspended the trips there until we get a satisfactory answer. We are convinced that community are more important than the tourist “.

Responsible tourism can also promote new ways of travelling, such as that promoted by Silvia Larghetti, head of IT. A.CA.: “The bicycle can be a great way to not make a great impact on the territory. This is more responsible because by bike or train we get to know and meet a lot more people. ” A notion underscored by Danilo Elia who emphasized how important it is to “rediscover the journey to discover humans, more important than monuments that we expect to find in those destination.”

Positive tourism that can give great opportunities, as explained by Eleonora Rinaldini, owner of Guidopolis: “there is huge demand for qualified people, also in the field of travel guides. That’s how we created a cooperative for educational workshops and tours that may cover the whole territory of the region Emilia Romagna “.

Able to revive tourism in countries, this is the case of “Petrella Guidi Lodge” in Sant’Agata Feltria, presented by the owner Galya Falileeva who was able to restore life to an abandoned farmhouse today it is a pleasant abode for a relaxing holiday, or the “old houses” by Silvia Santolini that gave life to a hotel in Villa Verucchio. Land redevelopment in line with that of the “Oasi Zegna ‘, 10000 hectares in the mountains region of the Biella area available to anyone who wants to enjoy nature. “Young people have to exploit this territory – has thus urged students to do so, being the concluding discussion of the morning. Anna Zegna – it is amazing how a Piedmont middle school class has launched a program of crowdfunding to save the island of Budelli. The future of the territory has passed to the youth. pef_16