A day a San Patrignano

The testimonial of those who came to see us

So … What can I say ?! A beautiful experience that left us an indelible marks, and will remain as a lifetime memory.

Listening to their stories, they have understood the importance of life and not to deal with problems alone. We realized that drugs or alcohol are not the solution of the problems but if we compare ourselves with people we care about, this can help solve our problems. If the latter is forgotten through some dependencies it does not mean that they are solved but only momentarily forgotten, and when you repent of having used these substances, problems tend to return.

They made us understand that it is not important how you judge people who want to diminish you, but what is most important is the judgment of someone who really cares about you. We also realized that our life is beautiful as it is and we should not try experience extreme emotions and sensations to improve it because by doing so, we will enter a tunnel which then is difficult, perhaps impossible, to get out of it in the same state in which you’ve entered.

The feelings you have experienced in those few hours were beautiful, strange and unforgettable.

We realized that we must stay away from these substances and start to experience new sensations, or to have fun in different ways; we risk ruining the best years of our lives. So we must always be careful if we do not wan to fall into this trap, and we must be aware of the choices we make.


Alice and Benedetta