D4NP – Digital For Non Profit

D4NP, Meeting on September 16, to make clear what regards to the non-profit digital world

First coined by Search On Media Group and realized in collaboration with the San Patrignano Community, the event is free and is aimed to the digital world of Accenture, IGP and Decaux as well as representatives of the world of companies and institutions.

Various prominent personalities from Bellanova’s Deputy Minister of Economic Development to the Managing Director of Google Italia, Vaccarono.


D4NP – Digital For Non Profit: This is the name of the first Italian event featuring an up-to-date overview of the digital state in the non-profit world. Designed by Search On Media Group – a company already organizing the Web Marketing Festival – and realized in collaboration with the San Patrignano Community thanks to the support of Accenture and IGP Decaux, D4NP is a free event where digital experts, representatives of the business world and of institutions as well as ONP operators, startups and enthusiasts, gather to make networking and share knowledge, tools and experiences. The target? Analyze and understand how the realities operating in and with the third sector can make the most of digital potentials.

To present it, this morning at a press conference in Milan, was Cosmano Lombardo, CEO Search On Media Group and D4NP Creator: “The world of the third sector is growing in the Italian economy: more than 300,000 realities with 1 million paid employees and a economic volume that exceeds 64 billion euros per year. It is a sector that is facing great challenges, also thanks to digital. It is therefore time to point out the status of digital art for the non-profit world. Contributing to spreading digital knowledge in the name of social innovation is one of the priorities of our corporate mission and for some years, in Search On, we had developed the format and opened the “construction site” for this event. It is a new challenge for me and for our team and we are very happy to embark on this journey together with the San Patrignano Community, an important and relevant partner on social issues. We are thankful to the sponsors who believed in the idea and are allowing us to realize this day of networking and sharing. “

A very important event for the world of nonprofits that will be held within San Patrignano. To explain why is so important to us, was in this event, the president of the community Antonio Tinelli: “San Patrignano and the digital world, may seem like two very distant reality, but that is not the case. For some years, the community has begun to exploit digital for all its activities. It is crucial for our recovery project and our prevention project, but even more for the professional training of our residents, thanks to which we have already succeeded in reintegrating 8 former residents. Finally, the digital world is becoming crucial to communicating our mission and the fundraising activity. The digital activity has become fundamental to us and we want to share to the nonprofit world with the importance of this tool. “

The program and the guests

During the first edition of D4NP, scheduled for Saturday, September 16, at a community space, topics will be dealt with online communication strategies, digital fundraising, social networking, online creativity and cross media strategy. A wide space is not only destined for the training and updating part but also for the presentation of digital tools useful to all those nonprofit realities who want to improve their approach to the digital world.

An entire day of networking and sharing with the leading NPO’s, thanks also to a round table procedure- which includes the participation of, among others, Oxfam, Dynamo Camp and Enrica Zamparini, Head of Fundraising and Communication of the San Patrignano community.

Eyes also focused on two other themes: Social Innovation and the Corporate Social Responsibility. Roberta Cocco (Councilor of Digital Transformation of the Municipality of Milan), Matteo Casagrande (Head of International Business Development at Intesa San Paolo), Marco Gualtieri (President Seeds & Chips), Lucia Silva (Group Head of Social Responsibility of Assicurazioni Generali Spa) and Maximo Ibarra, those will present the social innovation, while Enrico Cereda (President and CEO of IBM Italia) will hold an interview titled “Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility”.

  • The event will be followed by the works of the most important characters of the industry, including Paolo Iabichino, Chief of Ogilvy & Mather, Marco Camisani-Calzolari, Founder of Firmiamo.it, Marco Quadrella and Giorgio Taverniti respectively CEO Area Consulting and CEO Area Network of Search On Media Group. Teresa Bellanova, Deputy Minister for Economic Development, will also address corporate executives such as Accenture’s Fabio Benasso, IGP Decaux’s Fabrizio Du Chène de Vère, and Fabio Vaccarono, Google’s Managing Director. In addition, an event that focuses on the relationship between the digital world and the organization’s nonprofit tenure, could not miss a Startup Competition, created by the organizing team of the Web Marketing Festival. On the stage of the plenary session and in the presence of important professionals, the three innovative, highly selected social projects will be compared. It will then be the time for the vote of the public in the room to declare the “Best Social Startup of 2017”, which will be awarded of £ 5,000 offered by Search On Media Group. Search On Media Group is a business group founded in 2008 with the goal of spreading digital knowledge in the name of social innovation. The Group is involved in both strategic and operational consulting and training through important events such as the Web Marketing Festival, which has been a reference event for the national and international digital panoramas. There are currently over 100,000 people, both online and offline, on digital themes. The Group, led by CEO Cosmano Lombardo, is divided into 3 business units: Consulting, Education and Network. Today Search On counts among Italian and international important partners from various sectors: from the non-profit world to the institutional one, to multinationals and large publishing groups. San Patrignano is a home, a large family that offers help to young people with drug addiction problems. Founded by Vincenzo Muccioli in 1978, it has welcomed more than 25,000 people by giving them a home, healthcare, and legal aid, opportunities to study and learn a job, change their lives, and fully return to society. All this is free of charge, neither from the state nor from their families. In San Patrignano there are currently 1300 residents, it is a social enterprise model, made out of a strong dedication, with personal sacrifice and with the will of thousands of residents who have regained dignity and respect for themselves. San Patrignano creates for every resident the opportunity to choose, amongst different training opportunities, the closest to his or her attitude. The path to recovery of one’s dignity, in fact, also goes through the recognition of the value of beauty and quality as expressions of profound commitment.

See the dedicated site, D4NP – Digital For Non Profit