Coworking, digital tools and new a concept of seniority

Today and tomorrow in San Patrignano, for the second consecutive year the Positive Economy Forum, the International Conference on the issues of positive economics. On the subject of “good work in the 21st century” took turns on stage Marco Nannini, CEO of Impact Hub Milano, Agostino Santoni Cisco Italy and vice president, Marci Alboher.
Nannini, talking about positive work, criticized the old system of conceiving work: «Think again as in the twentieth century, there is a need to change this old mentality. The paradox “rising unemployment – increase in vacancies” explains why we have change skills. At the same time an increase in the abandonment of University opposing the need for specialization». The CEO of Hub Milan however sees Impact positively on increasing the employment of women in the workplace, because “they think differently and have more attention to the social context and proposes: You need a new concept of the Office, it is no longer understood as just a physical location, and serves only in the development of partnerships, as new technologies are changing the whole system of work». Finally Nannini concluded the speech suggesting to ‘ think outside the box, claiming “Impact investing” thanks to a sustainable finance.
Santoni has spoken of human resources strategies, confirming: “we must combine profit, planet and people, with people at the Centre of the project. CISCO has worked for thirty years in this regard, devoting themselves especially to innovation and development of technology, building workers of the future. Only 1% of the potential of the Internet is used so that the development of the remaining 99% will lead to a real industrial revolution: in fact for the last three years we have created a new plan of work, by supporting the transformation of new technologies for the education of students, with a result of 25,000 young people educated on the Internet, creating talents within the group, developing volunteering and establishing the CISCO NetWorking Academy».
To close the panel the Vice-President of Marci Alboher with a speech on “the second half of life”: “the 50% of those born in Italy today, will exceed one hundred years of age. This requires us to figure out how to make such a long life positive. We should overturn the idea that we have of seniority, by conceiving new roles for these people”. The former lawyer recounts her work experience, who also sees the roles of journalist and teacher changing, confirming that today it is a common aspect of many, the multicarriere. Goes on to say: “The lengthening of life leads to opportunities for people to think of the legacy they leave for future generations, although the company still exists as the model slows down for this new mentality. Thanks to the experience of seniors we can create innovation. You also need to change the education system, so that it targetes the elderly who want to rebuild a career that so that they might affect the future».