The common tragedy of drugs

ForuMio, is a space devoted to discussion, involving personalities of politics, sports or leading roles in society relating their various experiences in the world of drugs, Joan has told his story. With her onstage are Giorgia Benusiglio and Gianpietro Ghidini. Giorgia is a girl who at 17 years of age, after taking half a tablet of ecstasy has been hit by fulminant hepatitis, which forced her, first of all in Italy and then in the rest of the world, to seek a liver transplant. Ghidini is the founder of the Association Ema.pesciolino rosso, which came about after the death of his 16-year-old son Emanuele, causing extreme heart ache, one November night two years ago, threw himself into the river of his city, the Chiese. He has written three books to tell his story of falling into depression and of rebirth, photos and home movies, a theme emerged that linked all three stories. A family in all appearances perfect, without any problems, knocked down as if by a hurricane by the tragedy of drugs. It is thought that drugs finds its natural terrain in family situations of particular hardship, but as stated by Benusiglio: “That’s not true! The real problem is the underestimation of risk that comes from bad information, here too often the school is the first environment where young people come into contact with this fake world”. The 33 year ol from Milan talked about his prevention projects: “increasingly, when I go into schools, I notice that young people think they know everything about drugs, but in fact it is not true, conditioned by superficial news and a desire not to be left out of the group”. His final message: “Don’t let the others decide for you. Use your own head!!”. Joan Valls wanted to reaffirm the importance of not underestimating the problem of diseases related to substance abuse such as hepatitis and aids, of which she is suffering. The father of Emanuele’s discussion was extremely insightful, who thanked his family woyhout whichhe would not have been able counter the pain of losing a child and to urge children not to forget the importance of : “Never forget your parents, who I call ‘the warriors’. Never forget the love that pushes them to fight for your well being every day, which at times may be taken for granted, buti s priceless” and underlined the importance of to not follow the the examples typical of our times “Don’t judge and never fear the judgement of the others. Don’t be affraid of making a mistake! He who has tried, failed and got back up is worth more than one who has never tried at all”.

Giovanna Valls, sister to the French Prime Minister, in San Patrignano for the WeFree Days has talked about her escape from the cltches of dependence.
A meeting with the students where she explained her story today described also on her book “Diario di una rinascita” edited by Feltrinelli.

For a stupid little pill I had risked my own life. Today Giorgia Benusiglio will try to exlain to the young students that you do not need to take substances to have fun. At San Patrignano in occasion of the WeFree Days 2015 she talked about this with the many students present

The testimony of Gianpietro Ghidini life at the WeFree Days
“We are not here to just say that drugs are bad, but also to tell people that life is good”. Gianpietro Ghidini, founder and president of the foundation Ema Pesciolino Rosso, he brought his story to the students for the opening day of the WeFree Days 2015. Ghidini founded Ema Pesciolino Rosso to remember Emanuele, his 16 year old son who commited suicide after taking drugs during a night out with friends, to sensitize the kids and families to the problems poverty and embarrassment and addiction.
“We are honored to be here in San Patrignano on this wonderful occasion – he said on the outset of the forum -. In August I had a wonderful experience, eating lunch in the dinning hall with the 1500. I cried. I saw Emanuele in everyone of them. Today we will be telling our story: not only that drugs hurt, but above all that life is good. It is the challenge that all of you here at San Patriganano are facing”.
You can choose to be happy, adds Ghidini. “It’s not us adults that have to choose for you kids. We have to make them understand that it is the choices that we make as adolescents that determines there futures, that brings them success of failure. What we have to do as adults is explain to them the risks associated withcertain behaviors and choices that they will be making”.

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