Collaboration between companies and the importance of the individual shareholder: two tools for fostering positive economics

In San Patrignano the opening day of the Positive Economy Forum 2015, there has been talk of how we can assess the level of positivity of an economy and what may be the best quantitative tools to proceed in the right direction.
To discuss this topic we have Cédric Baecher, co-founder of NOMADEIS advisory body on sustainable development, and Catherine Howarth, driving ShareAction.
Cédric Baecher, proposed a model of financial and social enterprise that was born from the collaboration between economic entities that share common and universal values: «The need to establish benchmarks in the construction of a positive business and extra-financial enterprise, derives from the need to create an economic model that is effective in the long run, taking into consideration the needs and changes of future generations of citizens, shareholders and contractors». Baecher through his tools for the management of an positive enterprise showed: «Great attention should be paid to reducing environmental impact and maintaining a conscious relationship with the realities surrounding the company, the ability to share wealth, knowledge and development while keeping the welfare of employees in mind».
To follow intervened Catherine Howarth, head of ShareAction, the main organization of civil society of the United Kingdom to undertake campaigns in favour of responsible investment at the service of investors and society, with a particular focus on the environment. Howarth has stressed the importance of the choices of every single citizen and even more to each shareholder to influence the economic decisions of major corporations: «Large financial structures shape our future, but it is a power that eludes the idea of positive economics. Every citizen should exercise democratic control on the European market». comunicati lh_15