A clear no to the legalization of cannabis From San Patrignano

World experts illustrate the damage of the so-called ” soft drugs “, whose legalization violates international treaties signed by almost 200 countries of the United Nations

An appeal to begin immediately a mobilization campaign involving community , researchers, public opinion and mass media against the proposed law to decriminalize the cultivation and marketing of cannabis has closed the forum ” The Unbearable Lightness of marijuana “, which took place this morning at the ” WeFree Days” event at San Patrignano.
“It’s obvious that we experience the effect of cultural propaganda – said Carlo Giovanardi, a PDL senator , former Under Secretary of State delegated for the Family and drug policies – aimed at the customs clearance of cannabis , already decriminalized by law Fini – Giovanardi . This propaganda is now acting with the bill signed by Daniele Farina and other parliamentarians on which have already presented two amendments. The proposal provides the decriminalization of the cultivation and sale of small quantities of cannabis , debatable concept regarding the quantity, which would allow trafficking but mainly by fractionation . “Another point of the bill on which points Giovanardi regards “the abolition of administrative measures such as confiscation of passport and driver’s license, which, I would like to note, has helped to reduce the number of road fatalities from 8,000 to 3,500: I would just like to know who agrees to give the car to a person who has taken drugs?”

PDL Senator Maurizio Gasparri concluded on the bill, “the process of this law proceeds at an accelerated pace and Tuesday will be debated in the Senate Judiciary Committee : This is an obvious attempt to surreptitiously pass the contents of the radical referendum, but without efforts to the collection of support signatures . Unfortunately, the risk that you collect the numbers for approval exists and this requires a mobilization campaign involving community, researchers, public opinion and the mass media, Rai in the first place .”

A highly topical debate, so much so that San Patrignano has not brought the United States example, where it is allowed in many states use of marijuana for therapeutic and recreational purposes.
“In the U.S. there is an orchestrated campaign to promote cannabis with private funds, to convince people that cannabis does not hurt and has therapeutic effects – said Arthur T. Dean , president of CADCA (Community antidrug Coalitions of America ). In this sense, citizenship was deceived: only 3-5% of cannabis is consumed for the actual therapeutic purpose. The effect of the promotion campaign has also, according to the president of CADCA , ” the perception of risk by the public has loosened, it fell to 44 % of Americans, encouraging increased consumption .”
“Every year during our annual general meeting we encourage the United States to increase its efforts in the control of the substance. ” – Commented Raymond Yans, President of INBC (International Narcotics Control Board), a body created for the observance of UN treaties – The legalization of recreational use of cannabis in Colorado and in Washington State through referendum is breaking the international treaties and federal law of the United States. First we asked the White House to comply with international treaties. We had positive feedback, but not concrete effects. We have not seen any positive reaction increasing the federal law in these two states. Even in states that use marihuana for medical use we asked for a greater medical supervision. ”
The damage cannabis is causing has previously been illustrated by Giovanni Serpelloni, head of Department of Drug Control Policy, thanks to the contribution of images obtained through innovative techniques of neuro- imaging: “a IQ reduction from 8 to 10 % at age of 50 – 55, which is precisely the one in which the fullness of understanding is more necessary for a social and professional life.” The Director of the Department of Drug Control Policy has also issued a warning about the “new drugs : there are about 280 molecules marketed in the network , among which about 50 have been synthesized , usually as waste products during the process of pharmacological research and production.”
“The bottom line is that cannabis, if taken during adolescence, causes damage that affect us in adulthood – explained Daniela Parolaro, professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology in Faculty of Sciences, University of Insubria. The central nervous system is bombarded by this substance, which causes the interruption of the process of formation of a mature brain.”
Psychotherapist Claudio Rise said on the unfairness of the substance: ” we need information that its not true that cannabis can be a treatment, but that it kills .”
Gilberto Gerra , Chief Prevention Department UNODC has made clear that : “There is a universal recognition that cannabis is a dangerous substance . It is dangerous because it is illegal, it is illegal because it is dangerous. ”