“It’s Christmas time: December’s Sanpanews’ coming”

December’s Sanpanews, (voci per crescere) words for growth is ready to get into the subscribers’ homes to bring all Italian readers a taste, a snapshot of the particular atmosphere surrounding the community at Christmas time. In the (“mondosanpa”) Sanpa world section, you will find a detailed article that illustrates, amongst photos and curiosity, the most important moments of Christmas in the Community: from the preparation of the (cappelletti) Stuffed pasta, done together with the moms of the associations until the delivery of gifts and personalized greeting cards during the evening of Christmas eve. In (Raccontami) “tell of me” continue the stories of the residents of the community. Bits of past life and delicate existential passages are dealt frankly and honestly. In the narrative (Non Ti Preoccupare. Sei bellissima) “Do not worry. You are beautiful”; there is the tender love story between two youths who are struggling with their own fragility and helplessness. Continues our journey through new addictions. Who would have thought? The excess in self-care may sometimes become a problem. An obsession that contains all the dynamics of the disease itself. In (Malati di Salute) “Sick of health”, you will find an overview describing the phenomenon and its pathological declinations, from orthosis to vigoressia. In the “Depends on Us” section, there is still plenty of room for the voices that featured the WeFree Days 2017 Forums. In ” A Difficult Craft “interview with Antonio Affinita, president of the Italian Parents’ Movement (Moige), an organization that has been involved in child and adolescent safety projects for 20 years. The representative of the Italian parents told the birth of her educational commitment and the emergency of values ​​that characterize the present society. Equally interesting is the affirmation of psychoanalyst Daniele Biondo who in “The task of growing” dotted and analyzed the fragilities and difficulties that today’s youths, are facing to become truly adults. Finally, we also suggest ” at level with the agenda ” a moving story of great moral tenacity. The story of an Italian mother who has struggled with all her strength to put her own autistic son in a job re-employment project.