Chef to Chef, The tasting mission at San Patrignano

And was joined by a delegation from the Association of Chefs and Restaurateurs of Emilia-Romagna.

The hunt for fresh and natural ingredients, authenticity and genuine produce led the Chef to Chef team to the rolling hills of San Patrignano. The delegation from the renowned Association of Chefs and Restaurateurs of Emilia-Romagna spent the whole day in the community.

Members who have enthusiastically participated in this visit: Igles Corelli of Atman in Pescia, Alberto Faccani of Magnolia in Cesenatico, Gian Paolo Raschi of Guido in Rimini, Fabrizio Mantovani of Hotel Vittoria in Faenza, Adalberto Migliari of Chiocciola in Portomaggiore, Riccardo Agostini of Piastrino in Pennabilli, Mario Ferrara of Scacco Matto in Bologna, Franco Cimini of Antica Osteria del Mirasole of San Giovanni in Persiceto, Aurora Mazzucchelli of Marconi in Sasso Marconi, Marcello Leoni – chef consultant, Stefano Bartolini of Terrazza Bartolini in Cervia, Rino Duca of Osteria Il Grano di Pepe in Ravarino, Umberto Cavina of Monte del Re in Dozza, Emilio Barbieri of Strada Facendo in Modena, Alessio Malaguti of Trattoria La Rosa di Sant’Agostino in Ferrara and Michele Ceccarelli of Chef to Chef and coordinator of the group, Enrico Vignoli of the Massimo Bottura team of Osteria Francescana in Modena.

“San Patrignano exquisite”, was the main theme for the visit. Intended to explore the many aspects of the workshop, residents learnt the importance of the preservation of tradition and local products. From cheeses matured in caves, salami aged naturally in cellars, hand rolled breaksticks and wines: everything that is processed and packaged at San Patrignano takes in consideration the short food supply chain model and respecting the environment and animals around them, over the years the reality of hope, liberation and excellence is born here at San Patrignano and has developed into a great establishment in the Romagna region.
“The principle discussion of the gourment world is to verify our commitment. – Explained Roberto Bezzi, supervisor of foods at San Patrignano. “Our philosophy is rooted to the land and we want it to translate into creating products that can interpret creativity, culture and transform our dreams of becoming the best chefs we can, this is a great satisfaction for the residents, who every day strive to find their talents.”
The Chef to Chef Association was founded to encourage cooks of Emilia-Romagna to enhance the regional cuisine and its success on a national and international level. Exploiting a range of products from the region that are rich in tradition and credibility. The world of cuisine offers processing techniques and sensory analysis in the kitchen.

San Patrignano is a home, a big family and offers help to the youth with drug problems. Founded by Vincenzo Muccioli in 1978, has helped more than 25.000 people by giving them a home, providing healthcare and legal assistance, offering the possibility to study and learn a job trade. Changing lives and helping them reintegrate back into society. Completely free of charge for residents and their families as well as no state funding.
San Patrignano currently has 1322 residents, it is a model of social enterprise and hard dedication, together with personal sacrifice and the willingness. The young people in the community have found dignity and self-respect, San Patrignano gives all resident the opportunity to choose, from many training courses.

The recovery path of dignity, in fact, also passes through the recognition of the value of beauty as well as quality as an expression of commitment.

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