January 2017

September 2016

A thought for us

We are free when we live life and face the difficulties that are presented to us, and we must not pretend not to see all that is around us. We don’t have to run, running from reality that seems to... Continue reading

July 2016

The WeFree days are back in October

On 11th and 12th of October San Patrignano will host the WeFree Days. An event created by young people for young people, where thousands of students from all over Italy will meet with institutions, wi... Continue reading

April 2016

San Patrignano at UNGASS 2016

The UN General Assembly is holding a Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs from April 19-21 in New York. This Special Session will be an important milestone in achieving the goals set in the policy docume... Continue reading

When the real monster is the drug

The San Patrignano community intervenes when a young 23-year-old dies after a party in Rome where drugs and alcohol were involved. Drugs and violence, violence and drugs. Are two phenomena’s... Continue reading

March 2016

February 2016

Thoughts and words

Knowing how to listen to yourself and knowing how to listen to others is really important. Knowing how to listen to others advice but knowing how to dicern the judgement of other and their influence o... Continue reading