November 2017

October 2017

The world I want depends on us: here’s the scream of students in San Patrignano Today, In the WeFree Days, the two days events of the community dedicated to prevention. Tomorrow, AT the arrival of the Minister of Education “The world I want depends on us”,

This is the message that today was made in San Patrignano by joining the pieces of a giant puzzle on the occasion of the two days of prevention of the 10th edition of the WeFree Days. A message that h... Continue reading

September 2017

A heart beating for the young

Up to October the 13th at the Bank's subsidiaries, it will be possible to give donations to WeFree, the community's prevention project A heart beating for the young. Is that of UBI Banca and of tho... Continue reading

February 2017

The hugs of San Patrignano

  Support with a hug, the campaign of San Patrignano "For our children" The embrace is the symbol of San Patrignano. Inside a hug…you can stop, you can smile, feel new again. Today more than ever... Continue reading

A day a San Patrignano

The testimonial of those who came to see us So ... What can I say ?! A beautiful experience that left us an indelible marks, and will remain as a lifetime memory. Listening to their stories, the... Continue reading