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January 2017

September 2016

A thought for us

We are free when we live life and face the difficulties that are presented to us, and we must not pretend not to see all that is around us. We don’t have to run, running from reality that seems to... Continue reading

August 2016


When i was little I was full of dreams and ambitions about the future, though I had always been a little shy girl and found it hard to bond with others. However in middle school I realized that I was... Continue reading

Do it for love

It was the seventies. She was called Jane Hill. She was the most beautiful woman who ever lived on Main Street. I was a nobody in New York, a dot in the Bronx, although not knowing about Hip Hop. I... Continue reading

Remembering that night

One night, I was with the guys at a bar and that was the first time I heard, “pinning up and H” and that’s where I got curious and intrigued and continued to ask my friend until he told me the truth a... Continue reading


I prepare myself before opening the glass door, carrying all the experience and the work I’ve done at university over the last few years. I start breathing heavily. I’m at the entrance of the hospital... Continue reading

Rough Draft

One foot in front of another, my feet don’t leave footprints on the sidewalk. No one knows where they are. Its half past seven, usually by this time mom has prepared a stew with peas and potatoes like... Continue reading

Liquorice liqueur

It was a Saturday afternoon, one of many, but not to spend it at home feeling sorry for myself between bowls of triple flavored ice cream, films full of images that excite me and memories that have me... Continue reading

Julie and Chris

“C’mon Chris don’t look at me like that, I feel embarrassed.” “How else could I look at you, but don’t you see how beautiful you are?” “… coming closer to each other,” Julie murmurs, like a... Continue reading

July 2016

There has always been

There are things in life that you are born with and things that you learn. You feel them with a sensational energy of interest. After some years when they don’t apply to you anymore, the sensation is... Continue reading