Our stories

March 2017

I wanted to be a rockstar

Turned off my dreams My story starts in Castiglione del Lago, a very pleasant village, immersed in the green hills of Umbria. Both my parents are from Calabria, my father worked for an insurance comp... Continue reading

This time I’ll do the right thing

Fulfilling the blank in front of me I had already been using heroin for a year. At 15, the relationship with my family was increasingly deteriorated every time I entered the house there was a fight... Continue reading

Love had saved me

The best choice for my life   At 24 years old, finished university, I met a guy who used heroin, I fell in love and we got together. In the end he was so different from me, I also liked to get hig... Continue reading

Flourish from rubble

I was just over twenty years old. My life was made up of parties, discos, drugs and fun. I did not think about anything else. I lived in Novi in Modena and on the 29th of May 2012 there was an eart... Continue reading

February 2017

52 stories

It was always my fault What would I have given in order to have a girl to love, which would have given me strength, and hence experiences. The only thing I knew I could do was to feel guilty for s... Continue reading

January 2017

“Running I’ve beaten drugs”

The story of Sara, anorexic and a drug addict, in Community she found the love for running. A role model student, she was fleeing from herself so that she didn’t have to face her problems and all t... Continue reading

September 2016

A thought for us

We are free when we live life and face the difficulties that are presented to us, and we must not pretend not to see all that is around us. We don’t have to run, running from reality that seems to... Continue reading

August 2016


When i was little I was full of dreams and ambitions about the future, though I had always been a little shy girl and found it hard to bond with others. However in middle school I realized that I was... Continue reading

Do it for love

It was the seventies. She was called Jane Hill. She was the most beautiful woman who ever lived on Main Street. I was a nobody in New York, a dot in the Bronx, although not knowing about Hip Hop. I... Continue reading

Remembering that night

One night, I was with the guys at a bar and that was the first time I heard, “pinning up and H” and that’s where I got curious and intrigued and continued to ask my friend until he told me the truth a... Continue reading