December 2017

November 2017

Where tomorrow is grown

in the garden of the community. Surrounded by the quietness of the countryside in the Rimini hinterland, where the panorama has an enormous area for fields, fruit and veggie patches, orchards and farm... Continue reading

October 2017

Sunday the 29th WEFREE RUN

A race for the life. This is the WeFree Run that will be held on Sunday the 29th of October 2017, within the San Patrignano community.  This is the event that San Patrignano will organize at the end o... Continue reading

The world I want depends on us: here’s the scream of students in San Patrignano Today, In the WeFree Days, the two days events of the community dedicated to prevention. Tomorrow, AT the arrival of the Minister of Education “The world I want depends on us”,

This is the message that today was made in San Patrignano by joining the pieces of a giant puzzle on the occasion of the two days of prevention of the 10th edition of the WeFree Days. A message that h... Continue reading