The boys of San Patrignano speak to "AppEducation"

A meeting where students listen to the stories of the some residents from San Patrignano, who are just a little older than them, their experiences of life and of the path taken into addiction and what it took to get out of it.

And ‘the appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon in Bagnara di Romagna is part of “AppEducation”, an experimental project of involvement and participation for jouveniles between 11 and 17 years of age, in collaboration with WeFree, the campaign for drug prevention that the Community of San Patrignano develops every year for the duration of the school year with meetings, discussions and performances throughout Italy.

Monday, November 30 from 5pm to 7pm in social/informative room of the “House of Health” (Piazza IV Novembre 7), the residents of San Patrignano will talk about themselves, transmitting their emotions to help prevent others from committing the same mistakes.

Their story creates a special dialogue with the students, a transfer of experiences that can help to understand the false illusion sold by drugs and to share their insecurities and uncertainties that every adolescent experiences.The project WeFree is a peer to peer prevention program, concentrating on the direct testimony of some young people at the end of their path of recovery.

Target of Appeducativo is to build a social network to help young people aged 11 to 17 years to adopt healthy lifestyles, through measures appropriate to their age and their needs, stimulating greater awareness about the impact of centain behaviors on their health.
Participation in the meeting will reflect directly on their curriculum with the recognition of credits.

Supported by the Ania Foundation and QN, WeFree since 2002 has developed their own theater format of prevention with almost 500 performances involving almost 300 thousand young people; met more than 50 thousand students in meetings in more than 1,700 high schools; and San Patrignano hosting each year about 8 thousand students.