The boys and girls of San Patrignano revive Vincenzo Muccioli with their new song

San Patrignano and Vincenzo Muccioli will always be an inseparable combination In evidence of this the 1300 residents which , most having never known him, had decided to dedicate the son ” Allora è vero che si può ” to conclude the event they were all on their feet singing a chorus impossible to forget.

«An incredible song that I hope really climbs the charts. I can imagine Vincenzo on a cloud high above SanPa saying “I did it , look how much they still love me”, said Pippo Baudo, presenter of the evening, about the song, whose cd is already sold at SPaccio, the San Patrignano store, and on line at the website

A perfect song to frame a really touching event, an hour and a half in which so many had come to commemorate the “baffo”, as everyone in San Patrignano had knownVincenzo.
First the residents that first arrived in the 80’s, with Antonio Boschini therapeutic manager of the community today: “the real responsibility today is to be able to keep this passion alive and pass it on to those who arrived after the passing of Vincenzo”.
Everybody laughed when Silvio Miniutti about his record number of escapes from the community and very emotional when Gianluca Malavasi talked about his first meeting with Vincenzo: “A 45-minute interview in which he annalyzed my life and really understood me. He simply said ‘trust me’ and lucky for me I did. The same advice I give today to the many young people who enter in San Patrignano”.
A community that has changed so much over the years, as mentioned by PierFrancesco Villaggio, son of Paolo, “Sanpa in the summer was dust and in the winter mud. Vincenzo was a man with an incredible charisma and sensitivity”.
A Vincenzo who was also remembered by the first physician of the community, Paolo Ottogalli, also told were the stories of Enzo Biagi, Mike Bongiorno, Indro Montanelli and Cardinal Ersilio Tonini with the use of archival footage and recorded greetings for the occasion by Maurizio Costanzo, Giovanni Minoli and David Giacalone Gallery [flickr-photoset:id=72157656475593964,size=m] comunicati