Between the Bombs and the Spray cans

Shamsia, has a beautiful name, it means ‘the Sun’, and a sun she is, because she signifies its intense rays of light and the eternal hope that is inspired by her work.

Shamsia has a burning passion, she is the first female artists to depict on the walls and streets of Kabul, she is the first female graffiti artist in Afghanistan. She’s a girl, full of courage, who aspires to communicate the feelings of her people, a girl who became a spokesperson for women’s rights in her country. Shamsia, is twenty-six years old , and her paintings are the emblem of the silent masses, who swallow their thoughts, of women who are silenced in her country who are still considered the property of men, forced to obey and remain mute. Shamsia, paints for freedom, respect, to revolt and fight this stubborn chauvinistic mentality. Because this is: communication and rebellion. We are featuring her because we consider her one of us, those of us who want to change things, we who are a part of the Wefree project. The 11 and 12 October there will be in the thousands Attending the Wefree Days: students from all over Italy and young people from other countries. Our goal is to communicate through art, to prove that everyone in their own can do something to turn this world around and into a better place.

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