Awaken a universal individuality

Srinivas Venkatram is the creator of Illumine. With a speech on the development of human skills, entitled “making maps and tools of thought for adventurers and evolutionists”, opened the second day Positive Economy Forum, the international convention on positive economics.
The Indian guest explained: “people need cognitive responsibility: this is the basis of all my work. If we want to build a positive economy we must create positive people. Not just 5 or 10. We need hundreds of thousands of people who think in a positive way.The real challenge is to create arrangements for training. We realized that the educational system was not suited to the pursuit of that goal, thanks to the experience, we designed a system more practical than theoretical, putting at the Centre of its programme the development of adaptability to future changes. Thanks to this new educational model we have partnered with the largest Indian Bank, with one of the largest colleges in the country and with hundreds of schools, thus entering into contact with more than 2 million people. In schools we have joined to the normal school systems path of growth, a map of the future, which aims to stimulate in young people the aspiration of an evolutionary path, in addition to the assimilation of the concept of positive economics. The final goal is to create a society of human beings able to find meaning in work opportunities, developing ability to understand ongoing transformations from time to time, because people must learn to soar in an effort to awaken something great that everyone has inside themselves. Men should behave like adventurers evolutionists who can go beyond geographical boundaries, identity and to share with others the ability to awaken a universal individuality».