Ania Foundation in support of WeFree

To counter the problem of road accidents, The ANIA Foundation provides concrete projects and initiatives designed to raise public awareness, to train in the most complete way possible whoever gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and to educate all citizens to respect the road rules.
At the same time, the Foundation collaborates with leading national and local institutions, in order to bring them closer to the problems of road users and improve infrastructure in the area. In his interview on the occasion of the WeFree Days 2015, Sandro Vedovi, Ania Foundation projects Manager for road safety, stresses the importance of collaboration with San Patrignano and commonality of values that are behind it.
ANIA Foundation for road safety is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by insurance companies to combat the serious problem of road accidents through projects and initiatives designed to reduce accidents and save lives.

ANIA Foundation at the Wefree Days

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