All the way from Turkey to study Sanpa

Four operators led by Murat Ar, director of the Turkish Healthy Cities Association, a public body that is responsible for monitoring the health status of the population, with particular reference to drug abuse. “In our country the laws on drug abuse has been tightened in the last year, both from the point of selling and using”, says Ar.
The Turkish delegation was informed of San Patrignano through a Google search, but the reality of the Rimini location is that it’s famous as a center of excellence in Turkey. “Before coming here we visited the only place that is close to this experience, in the Southeast of the country, Gasiantep. It is a community that, in some ways resembles San Patrignano. It is secular and on a smaller scale: the guests are about sixty “. In Turkey, a country that produces and transports drugs, drug addiction has become a priority. “Of this this experience – Continues Murat Ar – it struck me your ability to assign every individual a specific role, consequently the organization”.Another aspect of considerable impact is, according to the operator, “the gratuity of the program and especially the variety of training activities”. The Turkish delegation has carried out a visit within the various training sectors of San Patrignano_ and stopped in the dining room for lunch. The Turkish association is a member of the World Health Organization and the European Healthy Cities Network, which participates with 49 metropolitan cities and municipal districts. comunicati