«Add a meal to the table». Packcenter in support of San Patrignano


Packcenter and San Patrignano together for the project “Add a meal to the table” to support the cost for the meals of the largest European community.


Until the end of December, Packcenter will be present throughout Italy with a “Promo and Solidarity” activity, whereby consumers by purchasing products from the hundreds of retail outlets in the Packcenter customer distribution chains that will help the Onlus Community San Patrignano. For every purchase, Packcenter will make a donation that will serve the community to cope with the nearly 3000 meals consumed every day.

San Patrignano


San Patrignano since 1978, year of its foundation, has hosted more than 26 thousand residents, and today there are 1300 on program, all welcomed in completely free of charge, without weighing on their families, or on the state’s funds, which in this way saves around 30 million euros annually. A social reality of incredible size, which unfortunately has really significant costs for the everyday life. While limiting the expense, San Patrignano has to provide around 3000 meals between lunch and dinner each day, for a total of about 2 million euros a year. That’s why the community has chosen to create the “Add a meal to the table” project, looking for support for the many residents that are hosted, done in collaboration with Packcenter, in continuity with the commitment made available to the San Patrignano Community, made possible to provide information about the activities of the NGO, but also, above all, a means of fundraising to support this project: on the one hand, through graphics and the information material on the exhibitors that will contain the products, it will give information on the reality of San Patrignano and the project “A house to build the future”; On the other hand, it will be part of the revenue generated by this initiative to finance the project itself. Packcenter has long engaged, as a company and as a group, in activities that combine the company’s economic goals with the ability to support realities that deal with social disadvantages and poverty, in Italy and in the world. Along with San Patrignano it wants to continue doing so.