Every single person, enterprise, region and nation must act now to build a global positive economy.


Movement for a Positive Economy: Areas of Action for 2015
1. Complete actions proposed for previous year (GDP review)


2. Education and training for individuals
3. Dissemination of international best practices in schools to boost individual potential.
4. Support the practical implementation of actions proposed by academia.
5. Dissemination of international best practices to develop Life Long Learning.


6. Reduce poverty and increase safety.
7. Dissemination of best practices proposed by the business world for the defence, health and development of local areas.
8. Help to make the transition from Social Welfare to Potential Welfare.
9. Empowerment of women


10. Safeguard the environment by addressing climate change and how to preserve biodiversity.
11. Rule of law to combat corruption.
12. Commitment to adding animal conservation and access to credit as Sustainable Development Goals. lh_15